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1/8/2019 READER-After so many other sites have failed me you come out as the shining star. I think of the funds I have given to these other sites and it was you and your site that should have been getting those funds all along. Don't change anything your doing.

G.S.- Thanks for the $25 donation and the kind words, it means a lot.
12/25/18 READER-I have to have Fakebook, Google, Twitter or whatever to comment.....all internet police state garbage . To be blunt, you're a government slave by only allowing your readers to comment through such b.s. platforms. You live up to your name. For all the freedom you supposedly stand up for, you shut it down by streaming your own self-censorship by only allowing comments through these channels. Very discouraging, considering your name....

G.S.- You don't need a Facebook, Google or Twitter account if you create an account with Disqus.  I wish there were better options that were more privacy friendly, but frankly there aren't. The alternative is no comment section...then we have no voice.