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Prince Charles Tests Positive For COVID-19, Deaths In Spain Soar, Pass China After Largest Daily Jump: Live Updates


  • Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus
  • Tokyo reports largest daily jump in new cases
  • Spain deaths pass mainland China total
  • Deal struck on $2 trillion US rescue bill
  • Germany, Japan scramble to pass their own rescue legislation
  • US case total passes 55k, death toll hits 792
  • Indian governor defies lockdown
  • Bank of Spain warns about economic fallout
  • Taiwan announces 19 new cases
  • WHO expresses concerns about US outbreak
  • 3 Navy sailors test positive
  • Britain’s NHS recruits more than 150k volunteers overnight
  • UK shuts Parliament Wednesday night
  • Mali becomes 44th African country to confirm COVID-19

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The American press and the progressives who make up most of its journalists have so far focused on how the novel coronavirus will inevitably harm the poor and vulnerable. But so far, that’s not what we’ve seen – at least not in the West. Connecticut’s Fairfield County and New York’s Westchester County, two havens for wealthy businessmen, doctors, lawyers and other rich professionals, have been especially hard hit by the virus, both becoming hot zones in their own right.

Over in the UK, the Royal Palace announced Wednesday morning that Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne, has tested positive for the virus.

This is hardly a new trend. Since the start of the crisis, numerous government officials from Iran, to Canada, to the US and over in Europe, have caught the virus, as have famous professional athletes and others who travel. Dozens of politicians and leaders have tested positive (and that’s just in Iran).

During the early hours of Wednesday morning, Democrats finally dropped enough of their ‘Green New Deal’-type demands to strike a deal on the $2 trillion “largest bailout package in American history”. In addition to a $500 billion pool of ’emergency liquidity’ for American corporations that will be administered by the Fed and a $367 billion loan program for small businesses, the legislation will include a one-time $1,200 transfer to all Americans making less than $70,000 a year.

Mitch McConnell celebrated the news in an early-morning tweet, and promised that legislation would pass in the early morning.