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Pennsylvania’s state officials have forcibly suspended all GameStop business licenses in an effort to combat the spread of coronavirus

UPDATE: Following news of the closure, GameStop has announced that they will be closing all access to physical stores across the United States, and will be moving solely to digital sales, online sales, and curbside pickup at stores. Additionally, GameStop claims in their press release that they will continue paying employees whose hours are cut for the next two weeks; a month of benefit contributions will be reimbursed to all employees affected.

Original reporting follows:

On Thursday, March 19, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced that all businesses except for those considered to be “life-sustaining” are to be closed to help combat the spread of coronavirus throughout the state. This comes within days of both Governor Gavin Newsom of California and Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, who announced similar state-wide “shelter-in” responses to flatten the curve on the pandemic. And while most businesses took the hint, game retailer GameStop refused to close their doors among an upcoming Animal Crossing and DOOM Eternal release.

In the midst of businesses trying to navigate through what is deemed as “essential” during this time, video game retailer GameStop has found itself in a string of public relations missteps through business practices that have put both employees and consumers at risk by not just remaining open but also conducting “business as usual” practices like receiving and handling trade-ins product and inventory.