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Warning from grocery store manager…

I’m a manager at a high volume 100k sq ft grocery store in the mid Atlantic. Part of a popular chain. Grocery truck last night was 1,000 cases smaller than ordered (system order. Most items cannot be store ordered and are warehouse controlled at this point). All perishable trucks were cancelled. Rumor that grocery truck tonight might be cancelled. Frozen 90% empty. Only ice cream remains. Dairy 70% empty. Perishable areas will be wiped if no resupply today. Ditto for Grocery. Running 2- 3 trucks behind, that’s 6k- 9k cases. No truck tonight= empty store tomorrow.

Very high sense of urgency with customers. Border line panic level. Stores in this area are now starting to close earlier than normal to try to re stock. My understanding is some competitors in the area will NOT be reopening for business today. It is very real. Never have seen this before even with hurricane land fall imminent here. Been in the industry 20+ years.