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The Mystery of Lapulapu Ridge: Deep down under the Pacific Ocean there is an enormous mobile underwater city. It has been operating there for centuries… millennia. It leaves tracks and debris all over the ocean floor as it mines the murky depths of the Mariana Trench.

This is the area of interest. You can see the island nation Saipan is a part of the Lapulapu ridge.

Here is a close up of some of the mysterious tracks on the ocean floor.

The tracks form “un-natural” angles, which are unlike evidence of tectonic activity.

They travel along and make seemingly random 180o turns, retracing where they went before.

They make all sorts of crazy turns.

They travel up very high and steep ridges.

They travel through “mountains”.

These things are nuts!

Here is a tracing (black line) of the entirety of the tracks. This thing is mining the Lapulapu ridge.

What thing you ask? Maybe this thing? An “orb” spotted on one of the tracks.

It’s fucking massive! as are the tracks it leaves.

Either side of the tracks, there is a trail of debris material.

At the end of this particular track (to the right of the underwater mountain range) there appears to be a “spent” or “ruined” “orb” Close up of an abandoned orb that seems to be parked next to an undersea mountain. It looks like it has been there for a while. Notice that the top of the orb is open and suggests an interior with some type of complex layout

Q: What is causing the lines or “tracks” under the sea?

A: I do not know. There are geologic processes that can create lines around stress faults, however these lines do not look like any that we know if. If they are part of a geologic process then it would be a new and interesting geologic process. One that deserves study and investigation. To me, as a layman, they appear to be tracks with nice linear debris trails. However, human technology has not advanced to the stage where we can mine at such deep depths. We just do not have that ability. Thus we have ourselves a mystery that perplexes us.

Q: What is the orb?

A: No one knows, of if they do know, they are keeping it secret. It is a large, no huge, structure that is roving about on the ocean floor. It seemingly follow or retraces the linear tracks made earlier, but instead of following the path already made, it just seemingly moves randomly.

Q: What can we learn about this odd event?

A: Someone or something thinks that the Lapulapu Ridge holds some valuable items or minerals. They have devoted time (obviously), and effort (certainly) to mine these elements. It is unlikely that they are human, because known human technology cannot reach the working environment that the objects operate in.

Q: Why isn’t someone investigating this?

A: What makes you think that no one is investigating this? Just because CNN, WaPo, Salon and the Huffington Puffington Post thinks that there is nothing here, doesn’t mean that is actually the case. From a technical point of view, the suggestion of technologies that would enable us to mine the ocean deeps, as well as to provide military advantage for naval submarines is reason alone to investigate this mystery. Remember, boys and girls, real investigations are never publicized. They are kept secret and the work is collected and accomplished in silence.

There are features under the ocean that defy known geologic processes. They are suggestive of undersea mining by an enormous undersea orb. Attempts to describe this away as a natural process are laughable. I don’t know what it is, nor do I know why it is there.

It is entirely possible that this observed structure is something piloted by an intelligence for purposes that have no bearing or relationship to humans at all. As such, it is offered to the reader as nothing more, nor nothing less, than an intelligently piloted object that apparently defies the limits of human engineering.

I think those “machines tracks” are an artifact of the SONAR scan, it’s called Phase Shadowing in the RADAR world. Check out Google Earth ocean bottom off the east coast of the US, say between NYC and Bermuda, it’s all over the place. I’d bet money it’s just an artifact of the signal processing but I’m only 95% sure.

I think that this is a valid observation. However…

  • It wouldn’t explain the roving orb phenomenon.
  • It wouldn’t explain why the sonar doesn’t influence the orb.
  • It wouldn’t explain the jockeying back and forth on the sides of the undersea cliffs.
  • It wouldn’t explain how some right angles are crisp, while others have a radius.
  • It wouldn’t explain how the tracks go under the Saipan islands and then collapse them into the sea.
  • It wouldn’t explain how dust and debris can obscure the tracks in certain areas.

Take Aways

There are mysteries that exist under the ocean.

Not everything can be explained away as normal geologic processes.

There are huge mobile constructions that can move about under intense water pressure.

They create paths that appear to be searching or looking for something.