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CA sheriff forced to reveal concealed carriers’ identities to newspaper

A sheriff in California is being legally forced to release sensitive information about private citizens who have a concealed carry permit.

On Monday, Sutter County Sheriff Brandon Barnes alerted citizens who have a concealed carry permit that their name, permit number, date of permit issue and expiration, is being turned over to the San Francisco Chronicle due to a public record request issued on Jan. 10, CBS13 reported.

Barnes wrote in a Tuesday letter that he personally declined turning over the information, but the Office of County Counsel advised him that he is legally obligated to turn over the information.

“The San Francisco Chronicle has not indicated why they want the information or how they intend to use the information,” Barnes added.

Copies of the letter will be sent out to the relevant concealed carry permit holders when the sheriff turns over their information.

San Francisco Chronicle Editor in Chief Audrey Cooper told CBS13 that they have no intention of releasing license holder’s names or other private information.

She added that she felt “deeply disturbed” that the sheriff would want to tell law-abiding citizens that the media have their information.