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The pedophile control system deliberately selects pedophiles and lifts them into positions of power so that they can be controlled via blackmail.

With help from intelligence agencies from the CIA, FBI and Military Intelligence, all of which are full of pedophiles, this occult control system has created a complete matrix of power and thought control. Governments, industries, Hollywood, police, media, key positions in these groups are all in a big secret club.

This isn’t mindless conspiracy rambling but backed by many, many case studies and brave witnesses.

First the Dutroux Affair, where an elite pedophile ring was uncovered but then immediately recovered up by police and judges.

Next is the Franklin Scandal, which uncovered a child trafficking ring with ties to the white house.

-“Conspiracy of Silence”:

-“The Franklin Coverup” by former state senator John DeCamp goes much deeper into the rabbit hole

The Presidio, an occult child abuse network uncovered on a US military base (Make sure you read all the way to the Empirical Evidence section)

David McGowan’s The Pedophocracy addresses all of these cases too

A major key to the puzzle is the Greenbaum Speech by Dr. Corydon Hammond where he revealed the occult mind control programming he was finding in his patients. He found that most of his patients with Dissociative Identity Disorder were victims of ritual programming under extreme sexual abuse.


Knowing all of this it becomes easy to see what is happening with cases like Jimmy Savile and Jeffery Epstein. They are a part of this big pedophile club. Lots of people’s beloved actors and politicians are a part of this club.

Love vibes to all, thanks for reading, if anyone is skeptical please check the links, because if this were true wouldn’t you want to be informed?

Those of you who understand this well, please leave your ideas and favorite sources in the comments to help discussion.