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Star Wars YouTube channel turns off comments

A little controversy usually goes a long way in promoting a movie, or really, anything on the internet, so considering the furious debates around the latest Star Wars installment – The Rise of Skywalker – it seems like the movie should be doing better at the box office.

Not all those who have seen the film love it, nor are all fans of the franchise happy about where things are heading, generally speaking. As for expressing that opinion online, say, on a platform like YouTube? That is not as straight-forward as you might expect, because the Star Wars channel has suddenly turned off comments on their most recent YouTube videos.

Turning off the comments section suggests Disney is happy to silence the 3.2 million subscribers for the sake of avoiding hearing criticism or having a discussion on the heels of the loss of 50% of Star Wars audiences – at least in terms of box office money, where The Rise of Skywalker is doing substantially worse than the previous movies.

Last but not least, some are suggesting that the reason to turn off the comments section might have to do with YouTube’s new COPPA rules – considering that comments are one of the features removed from all videos labeled as “made for kids” content.

But this doesn’t appear to be true because when YouTube’s videos are marked as “made for kids” YouTube presents a banner on the video advertising the YouTube Kids app, as well as disables several other features.

Still – Disney could afford to mislabel videos as “made for kids” and lose that YouTube income because that’s easier than trying to figure out how to comply with the platform’s minefield that is COPPA. For smaller creators, however, doing the same would be luxury they can’t afford.