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Newly released documents show T-Mobile considered a merger with the media giant Comcast, in addition to its merger with Sprint, in a plan to create one of the biggest companies in the world

T-Mobile has been planning a merger with Sprint for years in a bid to better compete with competitors like Verizon and AT&T. The merger was given the green light by the Federal Communications Commission in November, but it has been met with intense pressure by state and federal regulators.

As part of the scrutiny into T-Mobile, new documents made public on Monday, and first reported by The Verge, revealed a road map for the company, including a potential merger with the telecommunications and media giant Comcast.

The documents from December 2015 show that T-Mobile had considered a two-step merger: First, merge with Sprint, then merge with a cable company, the top choice being Comcast.

The road map, titled “Defining a Winning Business Position for the US Business Model,” appeared to be presented to executives of the company and was compiled in part with the management-consulting company McKinsey & Co. T-Mobile initially tried to withhold the documents from the public, arguing that the report’s authorship by a third party, McKinsey, required confidentiality. That argument was not accepted, and the documents were made public on Monday.