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Deposition: Paul Joseph Watson Warned Alex Jones Not To Align With ‘Bat Shit Crazy’ Jeff Rense and James Fetzer On Sandy Hook

According to this recent article in Texas Monthy, Infowars editor, Paul Joseph Watson warned Alex Jones not to align himself with ‘bat shit crazy’ people like Jeff Rense and James Fetzer on Sandy Hook. Watson worried the conspiracy theories were damaging Infowar’s reputation and make it harder to break into the mainstream media.

In 2015, Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson warned his boss, Alex Jones, that Sandy Hook conspiracy theories were damaging the site’s reputation, making it harder for Infowars to garner the mainstream credibility that Jones sought.

“This Sandy Hook stuff is killing us,” Watson wrote to Jones on December 17, 2015, according to court documents filed this week. “It’s promoted by the most bat shit crazy people like [Jeff] Rense and [James] Fetzer who all hate us anyway. Plus it makes us look really bad to align with people who harass the parents of dead kids. It’s going to hurt us with Drudge and bringing bigger names into the show. Plus the event happened three years ago. Why even risk our reputation for it?”

The message was included as part of the discovery process in ongoing lawsuits against Jones and Infowars pursued by multiple people connected to the Sandy Hook school shooting, including the parents of children killed in the massacre. During a deposition, attorney Mark Bankston questioned Watson about Infowars’s reliance on “bat shit crazy” sources like conspiracy theorists Rense and Fetzer, who pushed the falsehood that the Sandy Hook massacre never occurred, and no children were killedasking the Infowars editor to weigh in on whether his boss, too, was “bat shit crazy.”

“I would say the description of them as ‘bat shit crazy’ would also involve things that they’ve said in the past unrelated to Sandy Hook, maybe about UFOs or alien abduction or holograms on 911, which I think was Fetz’s [sic] big thing for a while,” Watson said. “So, you know, they had—they have a previous [sic] of engaging in very obscure conspiracy theories, which would contribute to that description of bat shit crazy.”

“Do you think that their history of doing that is any different than Alex Jones?” Bankston asked Watson.

“No,” Watson replied, adding, “They have the right to engage in that speech under the First Amendment.”