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Cosmic Crisp: New breed of ultra-crunchy apple that ‘lasts for up to a year in the fridge’ goes on sale for the first time in the US

A new, ultra-crunchy apple variety that is said to last up to a year in the fridge without going brown has gone on sale in the US.

The ‘Cosmic Crisp’ — which has taken over 20 years to hit the shelves following its initial breeding stages in 1997 — went on sale in Seattle supermarkets on Sunday.

The product is firm, juicy, tart and has ‘unmatched sweetness’, making it ‘perfect for snacking, baking and entertaining’, its official website claims.

‘It’s an ultra-crisp apple, it’s relatively firm, it has a good balance of sweet and tart and it’s very juicy,’ said Kate Evans, who co-led the apple’s breeding programme at Washington State University.

The apple ‘maintains excellent eating quality in refrigerated storage — easily for 10 to 12 months’.

The commercial launch of the apple has cost Washington State $10 million, including more than 12 million trees that have been planted to grow the fruit on a large scale.

The Cosmic Crisp is presently selling at retailers including QFC University Village grocers in Seattle and Bellevue, as well as Sterino Farms around Pierce County.