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Wisconsin Gun Owners Laugh When MSNBC Host Suggests Buybacks

n a laudable attempt to gauge the public’s attitudes on how to address gun violence in America, MSNBC Live host Ali Velshi traveled to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and had a conversation with a panel of gun owners there, a video of which was shared during Thursday’s edition of his show. Twice during the aired portions of the discussion, the panel laughed at Velshi’s suggestions: companies pushing gun control and the idea of “gun buybacks.”

The first question showed in the video was of Velshi asking: “Who here thinks we need changes in laws?” Retired police officer Gregory Phillips didn’t miss a beat, coming back with: “Why? Why do we need changes in laws? That’s silly.”

Later on in the video, Velshi broached the subject of gun buybacks. “Let me ask you about a proposal that’s been floated out there by a presidential candidate or more about gun buybacks,” he prefaced. Of course, the person he was talking about was failed presidential candidate Robert O’Rourke (he dropped out last Friday), who wanted “mandatory” buybacks. A.k.a. gun confiscations.

“Who thinks that’s a good idea,” Velshi wondered. To that, even some of those more inclined for gun control laughed at the idea. Panelist Robert Mallon responded by cracking a joke. “I bought mine for a million bucks. So, if they’re willing to pay that…” The rest of his comment got drowned out by the laughter of his fellow Wisconsinites.