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If you oppose GMOs, you must also oppose transgenderism… unless you’re intellectually dishonest

There was a time when “progressives” opposed GMOs and explained that altering Mother Nature was evil. “We must save the seeds,” they said, demanding that no one interfere with plant reproduction, genetic expression and the seeds of life.

But all that evaporated when the transgenderism mafia kicked into gear and demanded that progressives abandon biology and support the chemical castration of children, effectively altering human seeds and reproduction.

Now, Leftists insist that it’s perfectly okay to chemically assault children with puberty blocking drugs that are often court ordered to be used on pedophile sex offenders.

Now, “progressives” say it’s a form of social progress to abandon Mother Nature and twist the gender expression of little boys and girls, hammering them with chemicals that will make them infertile for life.

The very same Leftists who once argued against terminator genes developed by Monsanto are now promoting terminator pharmaceuticals to kill the reproduction of human children.

Just wow.

And what does this really tell you?

That much of the opposition to GMOs wasn’t rooted in any real philosophy after all. Because the moment the genes, seeds (eggs) and reproductive health of human children is at stake, “progressives” have abandoned Mother Nature and gone all-in with Big Pharma.

Suddenly, big powerful chemical companies are their heroes… at least when they’re dosing children with puberty blockers and chemical castration agents.

It raises the obvious question: If altering the seeds of plants is wrong, why is altering the seeds of humans suddenly acceptable, if not demanded by deranged Leftists who now prey on children and use the toxic chemicals of Big Pharma to carry out their twisted social conformity agendas, using human children as pharma guinea pigs?

These children being dosed with puberty blockers are going to face a horrific future of heart disease, cancer, infertility and psychiatric disorders (not to mention suicide). This is a tragedy worse than thalidomide, yet mindless, gutless Leftists are cheering it at every turn.

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