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James O’Keefe: Sources Giving Project Veritas More ABC ‘Insider Tape’; As Reporter Says Network Is Hot on Trail of Leaker of Amy Robach – Jeffrey Epstein Tape

James O’Keefe posted Wednesday that Project Veritas is being given more ABC “insider tape” by sources following the release of hot mic video of reporter Amy Robach venting about ABC spiking her damning report on Jeffrey Epstein three years ago and stating her belief Epstein was killed in prison.

O’Keefe posted the announcement with photos of himself putting a dress shirt on over a bullet proof vest, writing, “Project Veritas is past the point of no return on this one”

Within an hour of O’Keefe’s post Wednesday, reporter Yashar Ali reported a scoop that ABC is hot on the trail of the person the network believe accessed the Robach tape and may have leaked it directly or indirectly to Project Veritas. That person now reportedly works for rival CBS.

“DEVELOPING: SOURCES ARE GIVING US MORE INSIDER TAPE WITHIN @ABC… The insiders tell us they trust us over any other media outlet. @Project_Veritas is past the point of no return on this one. Stay tuned as I send our team out to corroborate the story over the next few days…”

Tweets by Ali of excerpts from his scoop report posted to his newsletter site.

“1. Scoop: ABC News execs believe they know who the former employee is who accessed footage of @arobach expressing her frustrations about her shelved Jeffrey Epstein story.That former employee is now at CBS and ABC execs have reached out to CBS News execs…2. In a statement, an ABC News spokesperson tells me: “We take violations of company policy very seriously, and we’re pursuing all avenues to determine the source of the leak.”…3. It’s important to note that ABC News does not know if this former employee leaked the footage to Project Veritas. What they do know is who accessed the footage. It’s possible that person could have shared it with others who leaked it…4. As I noted in this thread, ABC News has confirmed they’re conducting an investigation into the leak. In response to an email, CBS News says they’re declining to comment for this story.”