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Key Ambassador to Turn on Trump in Impeachment Inquiry

WASHINGTON (CN) – The White House is set to lose an ally Thursday as U.S. ambassador Gordon Sondland Thursday will testify before a congressional impeachment inquiry that he opposed President Donald Trump’s plan to use personal attorney Rudy Giuliani as his foreign-policy conduit in Ukraine.

According to opening remarks released ahead of his testimony, Sondland is expected to tell lawmakers on the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight Committees that he was “disappointed” by the president’s choice to involve Giuliani and reached out himself to the president’s lawyer.

Once they spoke, it became clearer to the ambassador that Trump sought to schedule a White House visit for Ukraine President Volodomyr Zelensky conditioned on Ukraine launching an investigation into his expected 2020 election opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

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