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Conflicting Reports Emerge as US Special Forces Reportedly Come Under Fire Amid Turkish Shelling

US Special Forces have reportedly come under fire amid Turkey’s ongoing shelling against Kurdish positions in northeastern Syria, Newsweek reported on Friday.

Citing a senior Pentagon official and an Iraqi Kurdish intelligence official, Newsweek reported that the attack on US service members unfolded as they were conducting operations on Mashtenour hill, in the Kurdish-majority city of Kobani. 

​The outlet reports that the incident came just as US Defense Secretary Mark Esper assured media during a news conference that US forces had been relocated, and that Turkish forces know US positions “down to the grid.”

However, Reuters, citing a US official, reported that an explosion did occur near the Kobani US outpost, but that no injuries have been reported thus far.

Following initial reports, the Turkish Defense Ministry has issued a statement, noting that it has taken all measures to ensure that no US base in the area is struck while Turkish forces respond to harassment fire near a US base in Syria.

Turkey began its military operations in northeastern Syria against Kurdish forces on October 9 in an effort to clear the border regions of terrorists and create a safe zone. Turkey considers US-backed Kurdish soldiers as part of a terrorist organization. Several foreign leaders have come out since the onset of Turkish operations, urging all strikes to cease.