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Bookmark This: 500 Survival and Prepping Links You Must Save

We live in perilous times, and at any moment our lives can be interrupted with natural disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, and droughts. Even more worrisome are threats of mass violence, riots, and nuclear disaster. If you are anything like myself and are interested in staying prepared for events such as these then you most likely are looking for the necessary resources. Listed below are over 500 survival prepping sites you should bookmark to better prepare for unexpected occurrences.

By no means is this list complete as there are thousands of great prepping sites available that I may have inadvertently missed. If your favorite site is missing please add it in the comments section and I will happily add it to this list.

Please note this list is made possible by the great people at the


1776 Patriot USA

A Year Without the Grocery Store

Abundantly Provided

Around the Cabin

Ask A Prepper

Backdoor Survival

Beans, Bullets, Bandages and You

Bunker Basics

Catastrophe Net

Christian Prepper Gal

Ed That Matters

Everyday Carry Gear

Food Storage Moms

Home Style Survival

Just Plain Marie

Mama Kautz

North Country Survival

Omega Tactical and Survival

On Point Preparedness

Outdoor Care Gear

Plan and Prepared

Practical Tactical

Prep for SHTF

Prep School Daily

Prep Smartz

Prepper Bits

Prepper’s Best

Prepper’s Portal

Prepper’s Will


Preppers Survive

Preppers Unlimited


Recon Survival

Rogue Preparedness

Samantha Biggers

Shadow X Preppers

Sheepdog Man

SHTF Movement

Smart Prepper Gear

Survival Nation

Survival Prepper Joe

Survival Punk

Survival Sherpa

Survivalist Prepper

Survive Hive

Surviving Prepper


The Apartment Prepper

The Art of Survival

The Backwoods Resistance

The Bug Out Bag Guide

The Medic Shack

The Merrill Project

The Prepper Journal

Tim Gamble

True Prepper

Vigil Prudence

We Prepper

Wilderness Today

American Prepper Network

Bugout Survival

Bushcraft & Survival Skills

Chris Martenson WSID Blog

Code Green Prep

Doom & Bloom

Food Storage & Survival

Food Storage Made Easy

Geek Prepper

Herbal Survival

Home Ready Home

Modern Survival Blog

Modern Survival Online

Mom with a Prep

Off Grid Survival

Prepared Christian

Prepared Housewives

Prepper Link

Prepper Recon

Prepper Resources

Ready Nutrition Interview With Tess Pennington

Seasoned Citizen Prepper

Survival Blogs

Surviving Modern L ife

Talon Survival

Urban Survival Site

A Matter of Preparedness

Alderleaf Wilderness College

All About Preppers

Alpha Survivalist

American Preppers Online

Apocalypse Ninja

Apocalyptic Survival Guide

Armageddon Medicine

Australian Survival and Preppers


Backdoor Prepper

Bacon and Eggs

Be Self-Sufficient

Black Scout Survival

Bread and Country

Brian’s Backpacking Blog

Camping Survival Blog

Canadian Preppers Network

Christopher Nyerges

Crisis Survivor Tips

Crisis Survivor Tips


Doomsday Moose

Eaton Rapids Joe

Effective Tactics

Enjoy the Wilderness

Expert Prepper

Fallout Fitness

Father Son Preppers

Florida Hillbilly

Getting Started in Emergency Preparedness

Graywolf Survival

Great Northern Prepper

Grow Your Own Groceries

Happy Preppers

Honest Prepper

How to Survive It

Instinct Survivalist

Knowledge Weighs Nothing

Koufos Emergency Resource

Last Minute Survival

Learn to Prepare

Lethimos Prepping

Letters from the Bush

Living Prepared

Master Woodsman

Modern Day Redneck

Modern Self-Reliance

More Than Just Surviving

My Adventures in Self-Reliance

My Family Survival Plan

New York State Preparedness Network

Next Step Survival

Notes from the Bunker

Nuke Professional


On Your Own

Orange Jeep Dad

Outdoor Quest

Outdoor Self Reliance


Pantry Paratus Blog

Paul Kirtley’s Blog

Permaculture – Paul Wheaton

Pioneer Living

Prepared for Survival

Prepared For That

Prepared Survivalist

Preparedness Advice Blog

Preparedness is Fundamental

Preparedness Mama


Prepper Broadcasting Blog

Prepper Central

Prepper Chicks

Prepper Chronicles

Prepper Dashboard

Prepper Ralph

Preppers Illustrated



Primal Survivor

Professor Prepper

Project Chesapeake

Rational Preparedness

Ready for Doomsday

Ready Nutrition

Redy 4 It All

Resilient Man

reThink Survival

Rural North Carolina

Salvation & Survival

SCP Survival

Shepherd School



SHTF Preparedness

SHTF School

Sigma III Survival School

Signal Survival

Simply Self Sufficiency

Skilled Survival

Smart Suburban Survival

Spy, Escape and Evasion

Stealth Survival

Still Getting Ready

Suburban Steader

Survival 4 Christians

Survival Blog – JWR

Survival Cache

Survival Camping

Survival Commonsense

Survival Crusader

Survival Dan

Survival Gear Blog

Survival Hax

Survival Jar

Survival Skills Guide

Survival Tube

Survival UK

Survival Weekly

Survivalist Daily


Survive Doomsday

Survivor Jane

Tacitical Intelligence


The Approaching Day Prepper

The Backyard Pioneer

The Berkey Guy’s Blog

The Deliberate Agrarian

The Jack Mountain Bushcraft Blog

The Modern Survivalist

The Organic Prepper

The Outdoor Adventure

The Patriot Nurse

The Plexus Prepper

The Prepared Christian Blogspot

The Prepared Ninja

The Preparedness Experience

The Prepper Project

The Prepping Guide

The Real Survivalists

The Retreat

The Sensible Survivalist

The Simple Prepper

The Survival Corps.

The Survival Mom

The Survivalist Blog

Timothy Scotts

TinHat Ranch

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest

Trayer Wilderness

UK Survival Guides

Ultimate Survival Tips

Urban Survival Skills

Wildwood Survival

Willow Haven Outdoor

Woodsrunner’s Diary



An American Homestead

Common Sense Homesteading

Frugal Living on the Watkins Ranch

Homestead Dreamer

Homestead Moma

Homestead Survival

Homestead Survival Site

Imperfectly Happy

Living Life in Rural Iowa

North Country Farmer

Pint Size Farm

Practical Self-Reliance

The Homestead Wife

The Rural Economist

The Tattooed Homestead

A Farm Girl in the Making

Are We Crazy or What?


Back to the Homestead

Back to the Homestead

Backwoods Magazine

Brown Thumb Mama

Build An Ark

Canning Granny

Christian Homesteaders Assoc.

Cluck & Hoe

Country Acres Homestead

Daddy Kirbs

Down to Earth

Every Growing Farms

Faith, Family and Homesteading

Faithful Homesteader

Farm Wars

Folly Farms

Game & Garden



Homemade by Jade


Homestead Blessings

Homestead Dividends

Homestead Lady

Homestead Revival

Kris and Larry

Learning and Yearning

Little Blog In the Country

Little House in the Suburbs

Living a Simple Life

M.D. Creekmore

Midnight Sun Homestead


Modern Homesteading

New Life on the Homestead

Old World Garden Farms

On Big Turtle Creek

One Hundred A Month

Pioneering Today

Pople backyard Farm

Pure Living for Life

Road to the Farm

Rockin W Homsetead

Rooted Blessings

Run A Muk Acres

Rural Revolution

Seeking Simplicity

Simply Living Simply

The Baldwingang

The Christian HomeKeeper

The Fewell Homestead

The Homesteading Hippy

The Prairie Homestead

The Southern Agrarian

The Tiny Life

The Trailer Park Homesteader

The Urban Farming Guys

The Walden Effect

The Wannabe Homesteader

The Well Fed Homestead

The Yellow Rose

Timber Creek Farm

Vela Creations

Whole New Mom



Active Response Training

Epic Tactical

Concealed Carry Today

Epic Tactical


Guns Over Texas

Haus of Guns

M4 Carbine

Modern Self-Protection


Mr. Colionnoir


WebGrower – Gardening Info.

Eat the Weeds

Fat of the Land

Foraging Texas

Gardens that Matter

Green Thumb Gardener

How does our garden Grow

Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook

Interactive Plant Maps

Permanent Culture Now


Plant Maps

Root Simple

Smiling Gardner

The Self Sufficient Gardener

Urban Farm

Year Round Gardening

Alternative News


Survival & Prosperity

The Daily Coin

Activist Post

My Budget 360

Two Ice Floes

Alt Market

American Journal

Armstrong Economics

Black Box Wire

Blacklisted News

Chris Martenson


Defining the Machine

Don’t Tread On Me

End the Lie

Info Wars

Lew Rockwell

Market Ticker

Natural News

News with Views

Pakalert Press

Peak Prosperity

Personal Liberty


Radio Show Notes

SCG News

Sgt Report


The American Dream

The Daily Sheeple

The Economic Collapse

The Intel Hub

The News Doctors

Truth is Treason

Urban Survival

Western Rifle Shooters

WTH is Happening to the US

Zero Hedge


Doom & Bloom

American Prepper Radio

American Survival Radio

Audio Hopper

Baked and Awake

Contra Radio Network

Hunt Gather Grow Eat

In the Rabbit Hole

Mind 4 Survival

On the Objective

Practical Preppers

Prepper Podcast

Prepper Recon

Prepping 101

Rational Survivor

Survival & Beyond

Survival in Motion

Survival Mom Radio

The Preparedness Podcast

The Preparedness Radio Network

The Survival Podcast

Today’s Survival Show

We Grow Ours

YouTube Channels

Alone Wolverine

An American Homestead

Backwoods Uncle Bub

Backyard Food

BCtruck, Rebuild, Repair, Repurpose

Buscraft On Fire

Bush Troopers

Bushcraft My Way


Dan’s Depot Survival

Deep South Homestead

Depression Cooking

Desert Sun 02

Doom & Bloom

Eat the Weeds

Engineer 775

Equip 2 Endure

Everyday Prepper

Everyday Tactical Vids

Exploring Alternatives

Far North Bushcraft and Survival

Full Spectrum Survival

Funker Tactical

Funky Prepper

Great 769


Growing Your Greens

GTI – Gun Training for Thinkers


Heritage Pride Firearms

Homestead Moma

Intense Angler

Karamat Wilderness Ways

Larry Hall

LDS Prepper

Life in Farmland

Lumnah Acres

Martin Survival

Michael Bunker

Mikes Backyard Nursery

Murray Mayhem Country Living

My Survival Spot

News in 2 Minutes

North Survival

Norwegian Bushcraft


One Yard Revolution

Ozark Mountain Preparedness

Permaculture Ed Video Gallery

Pratt Family Homestead

Preparedness Veteran


Range Time

Reality Survival

Red Poppy Ranch

Reggie’s Bushcraft

Road to the Farm

Rob w/ a B.

Rogue Preparedness

Ron Hood

Sensible Prepper

Skinny Medic

SNO Multimedia


Southern Prepper 1

Stillwater Woodcraft

Surefire Woodsman

Survival 4 Christians


Suspicious Observers

Tangi The Cavers Wife

Texas Prepper 2

The Art of Prepping

The Backyard Bowyer

The Daily Prep

The Herbalist Survival

The Hoss USMC

The Human Path

The Outdoor Adventure

The Patriot Nurse

The Self Sufficient Way

The Survival Podcast

The Urban Prepper

TinHat Ranch

Tire Iron

Urban Nature Man

Wild Guy Survival

Woodlands TV

WSurvival Ranger

Your Preparation Station


$5 Dinners

Life and Finances

Fake-It Frugal

Frugally Sustainable

Hillybilly Housewife


Desert Rat Preppers

Angrey American

Australian Preparedness Forum

Bushcraft UK

Homesteading Today

M14 Forum

Predator Talk

Prepared Society

Prepper Groups

Shooters Realm

SHTF Movement Forum

SHTF Ready

SHTF The Preparedness-Survival Forum

Survival Forums

Survival Monkey

Survivalist Forum

Unchained Preppers



Online Magazines

Backwoods Homes


American Redoubt

Knife Informer

Paratus News

Thoughts from Frank and Fern

Two-Way Radio Talk

Alert Someone

Animated Knots

Best Planting Dates – Farmer’s Almanac

Biblical Self-Defense


Cast and Spear

Citizen’s Radio Guide

City Cottage eMagazine

Crunchy Betty

Defensive Training Group

Five Gallon Ideas

Food Storage Calculator

Forward Observer


Heat Safety

Indie Herbalist

International Seed Saving Institute

Knife Laws in the US

Local Harvest

Methow Valley Herbs

Military Backpack Guide

Monster Fish & Game

My EMP Shield Library

My Food Storage Cookbook

National Emergency Planning & Training Association

Nature Mentoring

Nature-Mom-News Natural Treatments

No Tech Magazine

Pam’s Pride – FREE eBooks

Plants for a Future Database

Pocket Gun Comparison

Practical Primitive Newsletter Archive

Project Appleseed

Resilient Life

Social Kids Outdoor Adventures

Still Tasty

Survival Info. Downloads

Suspicious Observers Collective


Trees of Texas

US Plant Hardiness Zones

Survival Fiction

A Prepper Surviving a Zombie

Gun Link

I Am Liberty