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Cuba sentences lawyer to jail for trying to help homeschoolers

Cuban lawyer and journalist Roberto de Jesús Quiñones Haces was sentenced to hard labor and imprisonment for attempting to give legal assistance to jailed homeschooling parents, Ramon and Adiya Rigal.

The Municipal Court of the city of Guantanamo, Cuba, stated that Haces was guilty of the offense of resistance and disobedience.

According to Haces, he was beaten and then detained for five days after he tried to help the Rigals with their legal defense during their trial for homeschooling their two children. Both parents, as well as another homeschooling father, Golkis Almaguer, remain in prison.

Haces is appealing his sentence and remains at liberty pending the outcome of the appeal.

According to Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), the journalist said in a text published on Cubanet:

“I do not expect anything from Castroism, but I will not kneel before the oppressors of the people of Cuba.”

Haces text continued, saying:

“(I) appreciate the support that I have received during these years from those who give me the honor of reading my articles and, of course, the brothers of the leadership of Cubanet and Radio Martí for their permanent solidarity.

“No one will give us freedom. It is an option that is within us. Together with many other compatriots, I have chosen to be free, and I don’t think I am doing anything extraordinary. I am in the hands of God.”

HSLDA Senior Counsel Michael Donnelly stands in support of Haces, and released a statement in response to the court’s action, saying:

“HSLDA condemns the jailing of attorney Haces for seeking to assist jailed Cuban homeschooling parents Ramon and Adiya Rigal. Cuba’s imprisonment of this lawyer and these parents ranks among the worst kind of persecution. Parents have a fundamental human right to decide how their children are educated. The right to independent legal representation is also a minimum of any country that follows the rule of law.

“We call on Cuba to release the Rigal family and attorney Haces. We call on the Trump administration to do whatever they can to assist these individuals and to acknowledge this treatment as persecution.”

HSLDA’s mission is to advance homeschooling freedom, which includes seeking justice for families abroad who are persecuted because they educating their children at home. They are honored to bring their cause to the attention of authorities and to work to seek their release.

You can ask United States authorities to act in this case by clicking here!