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El Paso Shooter Entered Walmart by Mistake — Was Supposed to Shoot Up Cielo Vista Mall, which was the Scene of a Drill Months Earlier. Majority Footage from Mall and Quick Trigger Media Posts Explained.

Deep State and the MSM really fucked up on this one….

It’s been my belief since Sandy Hook that events are shot out of sequence and footage is used from planned active shooter drills, edited, and then promoted as real footage from a mass shooting. This doesn’t necessarily mean that an actual shooting does not happen, but only that a narrative has been constructed beforehand.

>Instructions for Crisis Actors in Active Shooter Drill @ Dillard’s in Cielo Vista Mall

All initial media tweets about the shooting indicated the Cielo Vista Mall was the scene of an active shooter. Some reports came in before the shooting was even initiated. Not only was the shooter LATE to the planned event, HE WENT TO WALMART instead.

That is why there is no shooting or live fire footage from Walmart and all the evacuation footage is coming from the Mall (more on Walmart footage later). There must be dozens of cameras, but no footage.

This is also the reason why we got to see no footage from 3000 people, most of them with camera phones, except some running people. Because nothing happened and the prepared “footage” from the drills could not be used because it shows the false location.

This time their magic trick went wrong.

Why were the cops evacuating citizens into the shared parking lot, which was in the line of fire from Walmart where the actual shooting was going down? They should have been sheltering in place, while all law enforcement resources were committed to the Walmart and a perimeter was set up around the Mall.

Furthermore, media receives their reports from Law Enforcement, not the other way around. Why did LEO’s end up inside the Mall and why were they and the MSM both WRONG about the location of the shooting?

This is the KICKER >>>

Evacuees from the Mall being TREATED AT THE WALMART ( Sam’s Club in same building )