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Which Is The Best Wax Liquidizer And Terpenes For Me

Wax liquidizers and terpenes are vital ingredients for your vape juice. Without them, your THC vape juice should be flat in terms of taste; alternatively, the amount of wattage you use on burning the concentrate will have to increase.

Many people question the importance of these solutions. However, they are significant to your vaping experience, and that is why you should buy them. 

Since there are many solutions in the market, you may have problems choosing the best for your e-liquid. In this article, you will learn which wax liquidizer or terpene diluent suits you best. 

Why should you buy wax liquidizer in the first place?

Wax liquidizer plays essential roles for your wax or THC concentrate. Though it is not edible, it does not comprise of any poisonous chemical compound.

The main chemical component is PG. From a medical perspective, it is the same chemical compound found in inhalers. Meaning, it is safe for inhaling. 

Besides that, wax liquidizers will turn the wax or concentrate without diluting it. As in, good wax liquidizers should not decrease or increase THC percentage or alter its color. If it does any of these things, then you bought the wrong solution. 

You can use wax liquidizers and terpenes on the same solution. They may not have the same uses, but both can be useful for enhancing the flavor of the THC vape juice.

Pre-filled cartridges may not have the right qualities that you require. For instance, the seller can thin it or thicken it in a manner you do not prefer. In that case, you will need the wax liquidizer.

Wax liquidizer and terpene buying guide

Buying liquidizers and terpenes (whether thickeners or diluents) does not come easy. When you go online, you will come across so many options. Beginners will have a problem choosing the best. Here are factors you should consider in the process.

1. What are your needs?

Of course, your first reason for looking for the liquidizer was to prepare your THC vape juice or e-liquid by yourself. However, you need to know what qualities you would want to see in these enhancers. 

Fruit flavors prevent coughing and an awful after taste and there are so many flavors at your disposal in the market. If you have an allergy towards a particular fruit, then you can pick one that you love.

The solution you choose should not overpower all the other flavors you would want to experience when vaping. 

Besides that, take time to know about the buying process. For instance:

– How much money do you need to use for a single container?

– If you are buying from an online store that is distant from you, how long will it take to ship the product to you? Shipping should not be a problem because liquidizers are legal. Remember, they do not have any marijuana contents in it. Moreover, they are FDA approved.

– Does the retailer have a refund policy for inferior quality products?

2. Review all the solutions you come across

Before you place an order or make any purchase, always know what contents are within the liquidizers or terpenes. You can do that by asking the retailer as many questions as possible. 

Reading many reviews on the internet and a variety of online forums should give you an idea of what you are about to buy. The good thing is that vapers can be real and honesty is what you require at that moment. 

3. Look at the shelf life

Even though it is hard for both liquidizers and terpenes to expire, you should not be ignorant. Understand how long you will use a container because you do not want to invest in a solution that you cannot use on a long-term basis.

You can always ask the retailer about this. Alternatively, you can read the labels to see if it contains something that could deteriorate the quality of your vape juice. Note also, if you notice that the retailer is not transparent about the product, you should avoid it.

After you make the purchase, be sure to store the liquidizer properly. Wrong storage options can decrease its life, which will roll over to the quality of THC vape juice you get at the end. 


The right wax liquidizer or terpene depends on your needs. You can never get a standardized answer to this. Once you get your requirements in check, then you will end up buying the best. 

After that, look for a trusted supplier. You do not have to go to the dark web to find one since liquidizers and terpenes are legal.

Also, make proper use of the liquidizers and terpene. Wrong mixing ratios will not bring good results. You have to be keen to note all the instructions given by the retailer. If you feel that your retailer cheated you, it might be because you did not follow the manual properly. Do not put all the blame on the retailer.