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STARBUCKS to stop selling newspapers…

If you want to read the paper at Starbucks, you’ll have to start bringing your own.

The Seattle-based coffee giant, beginning Sept. 1, will no longer sell The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal or USA Today at its 8,000 shops nationwide, The Post has learned.

According to a source, Starbucks is trashing newspapers partly because of a chronic problem with “shrinkage” — industry lingo for lost and stolen goods.

While Starbucks has been selling the papers for years, many Starbucks customers take them off the rack, read them while they finish their lattes, then either leave them the table or walk off with them without without paying.

“Some may have thought it was free, like USA Today in hotels,” said the industry insider.

Starbucks confirmed the decision on Thursday.

“As part of our continuous efforts to enhance the overall experience in our stores for both partners and customers, we are removing select fixtures from our retail lobby in September,” a Starbucks spokeswoman said.