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Jeffrey Epstein’s attorneys submit $77M bail proposal secured by NY mansion, private jet

Attorneys for accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein Opens a New Window. on Thursday proposed that the wealthy financier be released Opens a New Window. into home detention on a bail package valued at $77 million, according to court filings.

Epstein’s representatives said their client would post a “substantial personal recognizance bond” secured by the mortgage on his Manhattan mansion, as well as offer his private jet as further collateral, to secure his release from federal custody. Under the proposal, Epstein would remain under house arrest in New York and submit to electronic monitoring and regular check-ins with authorities until his trial.

“He has every intention of [fighting criminal charges] in a lawful, professional and principled manner,” the filing said.

The bail proposal states that Epstein would surrender his passports and deregister the private jet. He would also agree to not pursue any new passports or meet with unapproved individuals.

A judge is set to consider the proposal at a hearing Monday. Prosecutors have argued that Epstein is a flight risk because of his substantial wealth and that he should be held without bail until trial.