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Don’t Be Fooled: Tulsi Gabbard Is a Globalist in Sheep’s Clothing.

Gabbard has grown in popularity within right-wing circles. The 38-year-old has ties to the globalist Council on Foreign Relations. Gabbard supports the Green New Deal and holds extreme progressive views on immigration, healthcare, abortion, and other issues

I hate to be the one to take away people’s heroes. The kid who sees through the emperor’s new clothes usually isn’t welcome at court.

But I’m willing to take a gamble that in the age of Trump, speaking the truth and “telling it like it is” are still considered political virtues. If I see a snake lurking in the grass, it’s up to me to sound the alarm — even if it means ruining everybody’s picnic.

With that preamble, let it be known that I’m unequivocally here to pour rain all over everyone’s Tulsi Gabbard parade.

Gabbard has emerged as something of a hero among many conservative and right-wing political observers. She’s seen as the “moderate,” “centered” voice among a field of progressive extremists vying for the Democratic presidential nomination.

She’s the “non-interventionist” who will bravely stand up to the military-industrial complex that has infiltrated both parties, putting America first and keeping our young people from dying in any more unnecessary (and illegal) wars.

A Drudge instant poll taken right after the first Democratic debate last week crowned the Hawaii congresswoman the event’s winner.

An online Washington Examiner survey also gave the contest to Gabbard.

Of course, both of those outlets have largely conservative audiences, which makes them virtually irrelevant when it comes to gauging performance in a Democratic primary.

Claiming those two polls to be meaningful at this point in the race would be like giving credence in 2016 to a HuffPost poll showing Trump in last place.

Indeed, surveys that actually look at Democrats suggest Gabbard’s campaign won’t be going very far. Most put Gabbard’s support at or below one percent.

What the Drudge and Washington Examiner polls do tell us is that Republicans have taken a liking to the 38-year-old military veteran — even if Democrats couldn’t care less.

Right-wing outlets and commentators have been quick to jump on the Tulsi Train.

Pat Buchanan, an anti-establishment legend who can rightly claim to be a “Trump Before Trump,” penned an article in which he called on President Trump to replace his hawkish National Security Advisor John Bolton with Gabbard.

“If she makes it into the second round, Gabbard could become the catalyst for the kind of globalist vs. nationalist debate that broke out between Trump and Bush Republicans in 2016, a debate that contributed to Trump’s victory at the Cleveland convention and in November,” Buchanan mused wistfully.

Ann Coulter, who has never been shy about breaking with the GOP’s establishment wing — particularly on the issue of immigration — cheered Gabbard on during the debate when the lawmaker fact-checked Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan over his claim that the Taliban, rather than Al Qaeda, was responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.