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Man Claims to Record Sounds of Women Mysteriously Imprisoned Beneath His Basement

I believe serious crime is being committed underneath the floor of my basement.
I have dug out two, 1.5 meter shafts to get audio recordings.
Please only sign this petition if you have listened to the noises AND believe they need investigating.
The Police have been informed and have not bothered, or have totally ignored, these recordings.
Women can clearly be heard screaming from what I think is a tunnel or an old mine shaft (there is also an old WW2 sealed bunker close by)
Van Fogey

Yes, that’s his real story. No, his name isn’t Van Fogey – it’s Alan Tait. Yes, there are recordings of strange noises in his house. No, he doesn’t live there anymore. Yes, he’s trying to get people to listen to the recordings and petition the local police to investigate the house. No, he doesn’t think they’re ghosts. Yes, he thinks there are actual people, most likely women, trapped underneath the basement floor. No, no one else has heard them. Yes, Tait and his wife Christine are traveling around Wales in a trailer, passing out flyers about the house. No, they haven’t been arrested yet. Yes, the recordings are eerie. No, they’re not of good quality. Yes, the Taits seem to be spending enormous amounts of time and energy bothering people who don’t even live near their house about these recordings. Is this for real or an impressively elaborate hoax? Yes or no?

On the recordings you can hear:
Women screaming, two foreign men talking and an automated machine running and flushing, when it flushes it emits strong gas.
We do not speak the language but it appears to be one man is teaching the other how to use the machine, if you follow the link you can listen to these recordings.
Three of these machines can be heard running (some are faint in the distance). A printing press can be heard running.
In a lot of the recordings of the recordings a motorbike can be heard and sirens that sound like a police car – there are never any other traffic sounds – just the motorbike and the sirens.