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Hal Turner Claims-Attack Target List Sent To Iran Before Us Strike; That’s why Trump Aborted

The United States planned a military strike against Iran over its downing of a US Drone yesterday, but the attack had to be called-off because an American target list was forwarded to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp as the US operation got underway.

US Intelligence determined that a security breach had taken place and our pilots would be flying into a death trap had the operation been allowed to proceed.

As US fighter and/or Bomber aircraft were to take off for targets involving Iran, US intelligence intercepted “a communication” – they won’t say whether it was a phone call, FAX, e-mail, or radio transmission – with a VERSION of the finalized target list that American forces were ordered to destroy.

The version Iran received was not the finalized list, but instead was one of the lists mulled-over prior to the final decision.   Some of the targets on the list sent to Iran WERE on the final target selection list.

Upon receipt of the target list, US satellite assets watching Iran detected hasty moving of anti-aircraft and surface-to-air missile assets toward the targets to defend them.

It quickly became clear to US intelligence that American pilots could be flying to their deaths if the attack was allowed to proceed.  President Trump was advised of this development and he allegedly ordered the mission ABORTED.

Very few people had direct access to those target selection lists and the release of a quasi-accurate list has sparked a ferocious military and law enforcement investigation into the leak.