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Joe Biden: Build ‘James Bond-Style’ Guns That Don’t Fire Without DNA Match

Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden told an audience in New York City that we have the “capacity” to build “James Bond-style” guns that do not fire without a DNA match.

Biden suggested this technology has been around a long time and cited the example of two dealers who faced massive public pushback after trying to sell “smart guns” years ago.

Four things Biden left out: 1. The “smart gun” in this case was radio-activated by a watch that was paired with the gun. This means anyone who stole the gun and the bracelet could shoot the firearm with no problem. 2.  The gun was only made in .22 LR and costs $1,800. 3. The “smart gun” in this case was defeated by a man armed with $15 worth of magnets. 4. Considering all these failures, consumers feared a law in New Jersey would trigger a requirement that dealers could only sell “smart guns,” thereby forcing consumers to purchase an $1,800, radio-activated .22 LR pistol that had been defeated by a guy with a pocket full of magnets.