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7 Reasons Suppressor Ban May Cause Pro-Gun Voters to Abandon Trump

Voters are still outraged over President Trump’s post-Virginia Beach intimation that he is open to considering a suppressor ban.

On June 5, Breitbart News reported Trump telling Good Morning Britain‘s Piers Morgan that he would “seriously look at” a suppressor ban. Trump’s comments came in a conversation where Morgan referred to the accessories as “silencers,” giving the impression that the accessories completely eliminate the sound of a gun shot.

In reality, suppressors make the sound of a gun shot manageable, removing the ear-splitting high pitches associated with one. But they do not mute the shot.

Here are seven reasons why action against suppressors is politically risky:

  1. A Suppressor Has Been Used in One Mass Shooting — A suppressor was used on one of the two guns in the Virginia Beach mass shooting. In other words, of all the mass shootings and/or high profile shootings constantly beamed into homes via the establishment media, a suppressor was used in one of them.
  2. Police Still Heard the Gun Shots and Moved Toward Them to Find the Gunman — On May 31, Breitbart News reported Virginia Beach Police Chief James Cervera’s observation that police officers located the Virginia Beach gunman by moving toward the sound of his gun shots.
  3. Suppressors Are Not Silencers — The fact that police moved toward the sound of the gunman’s shots, and that witnesses recalled hearing shot after shot, illustrates the fact that suppressors are not silencers. Rather, they are mufflers that remove the dangerous, high pitches associated with a gun shot.