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Benjamin Netanyahu just unveiled Israel’s newest town: “Trump Heights”…The town will be built in the contested Golan Heights

sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled a plaque marking the location of the newest settlement in the Golan Heights on Sunday.

The marker proclaims the settlement will be known as “Trump Heights.” Netanyahu said the name was chosen to thank President Donald Trump for breaking decades of US tradition and recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel in March. Prior to that point, the US observed the international custom of considering it occupied territory.

Trump Heights, called “Ramat Trump” in Hebrew, is a symbol of the airtight alliance that’s developed between the US and Israel. Trump has repeatedly aligned himself with Netanyahu’s right-wing policy vision for his country and the Middle East.

The new town has yet to be built, but the ceremony marking the name and location of the settlement was conducted with much fanfare by the Israeli government. Netanyahu called it “a historic day” and praised Trump as a “friend of Israel.”

In a tweet, Trump thanked Netanyahu “and the State of Israel for this great honor.”

The Golan Heights is a strategically valuable swath of land that Israel annexed from Syria after 1967’s Six Day War. The United Nations and most of the international community do not recognize the territory as belonging to Israel. That’s because international law prevents countries from appropriating land by force, and also because recognizing the territory as Israel’s might be perceived as giving the country a green light to take over even more disputed territory in the region.