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Snow is continuing into June. Global warming leftists will not be happy

Trump Derangement Syndrome is reaching new levels of insanity. The Left is increasingly frustrated over all things Trump, with the next three months set to be the Democrats’ summer of discontent.

From Trump’s rising poll numbers to the blatant idiocy of the “best and brightest” Democrat candidates dreaming of beating Trump in 2020. From Attorney General William Barr investigating the origins of the anti-Trump coup to the new tariffs on Mexico, essentially fulfilling Trump’s campaign promise of making Mexico pay for the wall.

Climate change will be another source of discontent for Democrats as their predictions once again get buried under a snowpack of reality.

My local paper, the left-wing Denver Post, reports: “Water content of Colorado’s snowpack raises flood concerns, with levels peaking at 728 percent in the San Juans.” Imagine that: snowpack over seven times more than normal. How can that be with global warming broiling the planet, with only a decade before Earth burns to a crisp, at least according to a former bartender from the Bronx?

Across the state in Aspen, there is also an abundance of snow. This headline doesn’t make much of a case for global warming: “Aspen Mountain bonus weekend returns Saturday, Sunday with solid snow coverage.” It’s rare for Aspen to reopen for Memorial Day weekend, but this year, the city are opening the following weekend as well.

Nearby Breckenridge also has more snow than they know what to do with. “Breckenridge Ski Resort announced yet another Ski Season extension! Bringing the total to three extensions this 2018/2019 Ski Season.” Most Colorado ski resorts close in mid-April, yet here we are in June with skiing now competing with golf and summer barbecues for weekend fun.

California is also sharing in the snow. “Mammoth Mountain on Friday announced it would be extending its ski and snowboard season into August.” If they reopen in October, that could mean a ten-month ski season, something one might see in northern Canada or Siberia, where it’s really cold. Yet this is California. And the planet is warming, or so we are told.

Does this give people on the Left a moment of pause to scratch their heads and ponder the unthinkable, that perhaps global warming is not the catastrophe they thought it was? Nah.

It was only five years ago that the New York Times wrote about “the end of snow.” Don’t hold your breath waiting for their correction or clarification with snowpacks seven times more than usual.

Candidate Amy Klobuchar said, “I’m focused on the issues that matter to California. Focused on climate change, the number one thing that the president attacked me on.” Did any intrepid journalist ask her for a comment on snow skiing in August in California and her position on climate change?