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Alex Jones losing credibility more rapidly than ever by continuing to shill for Trump, and now pushing for war with Iran on his radio show today

Listening to the Alex Jones radio show today, as I usually do. It’s really crazy how far Alex has fallen. He’s now practically a mouthpiece for the neocons. He’s saying today that “Iran is responsible” for the tanker attacks, and that it’s “NOT a false” flag (he says that “no way” Trump would allow a false flag, lol). Alex also is blaming Obama for the situation with Iran, and acts like Obama himself masterminded this conflict with Iran. Alex hardly ever talks about the Rothschilds and other NWO super-elites who are really in control — with Obama being a low-ranking puppet of them.

I realized Alex Jones was controlled opposition many years ago, but listen to him just to get his perspective. He’s really gone downhill over the last couple years. I supported Trump during the campaign, but in hindsight I should have been more suspicious of Trump, given how Alex hitched his wagon to Trump.

The most glaring and important fact surrounding the push for war with Iran (and these other wars in the Mid East) is that these wars have been fought at the behest of Zionists who run the U.S. Government for the purpose of fighting all of the enemies of the jewish state of Israel in the Mid East.

Now, Trump is fully exposed as just another puppet of the jewish NWO Establishment. Trump has betrayed conservatives over and over and over — bump stock ban, saying he will look at banning gun silencers, signed amnesty for unaccompanied minor illegals in the omnibus bill, illegal immigration at all time highs, etc.

Over the past month or so, Alex has addressed some of these betrayals by Trump — as he feels the pressure from his audience, who are awakening to the fact that Trump is selling them out. But he sort of glosses over it, and continues to promote Trump as being “on our side” – in spite of the clear evidence that Trump is just another NWO/Establishment puppet.

Alex keeps pushing the false hope that Trump is going to finally actually do something to stop the Big Tech censorship. Same thing with Trump finally going to prosecute the Deep State criminals. Or finally do something to stop the illegal alien invasion. It’s all BS. Trump is never going to do anything substantive on any of these issues. As Trump’s betrayals and inaction mount, at some point Alex will become the “boy who cries wolf” and will finally have to admit to his audience that Trump is another Establishment creature. But I wonder how much longer that will be. For now, Alex and his handlers think they can continue to con their audience.