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180 US companies declare new laws banning abortion are ‘bad for business’

Twitter/Square CEO Jack Dorsey joined more than 180 other U.S. CEOs in a campaign organized in part by abortion-giant Planned Parenthood to declare that newly enacted abortion restrictions in various states go “against the values of their companies” and are “bad for business.”

Appearing today as a full-page ad in The New York Times under the heading “Don’t Ban Equality,” Dorsey and CEOs from corporations such as Yelp, Slack, Tinder, Ben & Jerry’s, H&M, Glossier, and The Body Shop signed a letter stating that laws restricting abortion inhibit “our ability to build diverse and inclusive workforce pipelines, recruit top talent across the states, and protect the well-being of all the people who keep our businesses thriving day in and day out.”

The letter declared that “it’s time for companies to stand up for reproductive health care,” while arguing that restricting abortion threatens “the health, independence, and economic stability of our employees and customers.” Such laws, the letter says, are “against our values, and is bad for business.”

Abortion claims the lives of an estimated 880,000 human lives each year in the U.S. alone. The letter represents an estimated 108,000 workers. This means that for every worker represented by the letter are 8 preborn babies who have been destroyed by abortion. 

The campaign is the brainchild of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and NARAL Pro-Choice America and the Center for Reproductive Rights. They joined with, where business leaders can add their names to the pro-abortion missive. 

In a statement, NARAL president Ilyse Hogue thanked the execs for “taking a stand on behalf of their employees, customers, and communities.” She added, “We encourage the entire business community to join us in protecting access to reproductive health care in the critical months and years to come.”