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Is it Time to Give Up on Humanity?

In one of his better-known speeches, Martin Luther King, Jr. urged his audience to remember Washington Irving’s story of Rip Van Winkle, the layabout who reclined under a tree and fell asleep for 20 years. King stressed the hidden message that old Rip literally slept through the American Revolution. 

To King, the idea that someone could lie sleeping while the world transformed around them was absolutely horrifying. In King’s words: ‘There is nothing more tragic than to sleep through a revolution.”

Now King was a Communist dupe, and the revolution he was fomenting was designed to destroy America, but he was right: there is nothing more tragic than to sleep through a revolution.
As I type these words, a revolution is occurring, both in this country and throughout the world. The target of destruction is predominantly white men, but it includes anyone who holds traditional conservative values. If you’re a conservative or even someone who sympathizes with conservative values, there’s a target on your back. Sadly, the vast majority of those under attack are not even aware that they are targets. They’re literally sleeping through a revolution.
Some of these individuals are beyond repair. The liberals who make up the Democratic Party, the protesters who march down the street in their pink pussy hats, virtually all of Hollywood and Silicon Valley … That bunch can’t be helped. The fires of hell await them.

But why do others refuse to wake up? Why do otherwise intelligent people fail to see the danger and fate that awaits them? 
Many are simply duped. Led by their noses, they believe whatever the gatekeepers of the right tell them. After all, if their favourite fake-conservative radio host or television personality tells them that race is a social construct, that vaccines are safe and effective, or that Israel is our greatest ally, well then it has to be true, doesn’t it?
Because most whites and most conservatives are honest in their daily lives, they find it hard to accept that others who look the same as they do and who profess to speak to their same interests could be lying to them. The possibility is simply unfathomable.
This naiveté on their part leads them to underestimate the level of evil being directed against them. They think leftists are merely misguided individuals with an irrational hatred of Donald Trump. “If only those liberals had the facts,” these conservatives like to say, “they would think and act just like us.”