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Virginia Tech Offers 10 Different Graduation Ceremonies for Black, LGBT, Asian Students

Virginia Tech offered ten separate graduation ceremonies this year for different student groups based on identity.

Virginia Tech hosted ten separate graduation ceremonies for students based on their identity. In May, the university held separate ceremonies for Black, Asian, Latino, Muslim, and LGBTQ students. Breitbart News reported in May that many American colleges offer separate graduation ceremonies for Black students.

The College Fix reported this week that Virginia Tech is one of many universities that have adopted separate ceremonies for student groups based on identity. For example, The Donning of Kente Ceremony is held to commemorate the graduation of Black and African American students.

The Donning of the Kente Ceremony serves as a celebration of achievement for Black and African American undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. candidates. This ceremony provides graduating students with a positive and rewarding experience that recognizes them for their hard work and dedication. Family and friends are a very important part of this recognition ceremony and are given an opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of their loved ones.

Virginia Tech will also hold a “Lavender Ceremony” for student members of the LGBTQ community.