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Apple announces all-new redesigned Mac Pro, starting at $5,999

Having admitted that its glossy “trash can” Mac Pro of 2013 was a mistake, Apple has long promised that the next update to its most professional computer line would be a return to more modular, less thermally constrained computing. That is being realized today at WWDC 2019 with the official debut of an all-new redesigned Apple Mac Pro.

Although it’s a new design, the 2019 Mac Pro is also a throwback to Apple’s classic “cheese grater” look. The interior is structured for modularity and flexibility, addressing one of the big pain points of the outgoing Mac Pro design.

The new Intel Xeon processor inside the Mac Pro will have up to 28 cores, with up to 300W of power and heavy-duty cooling, “so it can run unconstrained at full power at all times.” System memory can be maxed out at an eyebrow-raising 1.5TB, says Apple, with six-channel memory across 12 DIMM slots. There are also eight PCI Express slots, with four of them being double-wide to accommodate larger expansion cards. Two USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 and two USB-A ports will grace the front of the system, which is at least one more USB-C port than you’ll find on a majority of desktop PC systems and cases today.