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Howard Stern: The Trump I know wasn’t anti-abortion because he probably got a ‘few people abortions’

Longtime radio host Howard Stern said during an interview with “Good Morning America” that he does not believe President Trump is truly anti-abortion because he probably got a “few people abortions.”

Stern cited his longtime friendship with Trump, which has since cooled off, as his evidence for the claim.

Stern, who supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, also said he does not understand why Trump wanted to leave his billionaire lifestyle to become president.

“The guy I knew … I didn’t know this was him. I don’t believe his stance on abortion, for example,” Stern said. “The Donald I know, I think he’d probably needed to get a few people abortions. I don’t know what he’s doing. The stance, the women don’t have a right to choose what — you don’t have to get an abortion, but if you want the right — I remember the days of women in the back alleys with coat hangers; that’s not acceptable.”

“And you know who used to be able to get abortions? Rich people, they could get them,” he said.