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The first whistleblower to go public about Kevin Spacey died getting hit by a car

The first whistleblower to go public with allegations branding shameless Kevin Spacey a sexual predator is dead — and her grieving family is demanding answers!

Now, in a world exclusive, can reveal investigators have launched a murder probe into Linda Culkin’s mysterious death, while 59-year-old Spacey faces a felony charge of indecent assault and battery for allegedly groping a young man in Nantucket, Mass., in 2016.

On Feb. 25, Culkin was walking to her home when she was mowed down by a Toyota as she stepped into a busy intersection, Quincy Police Capt. John Dougan told Radar. She later died at Boston Medical Center.

No charges were filed against the driver, who remained at the scene.

“Linda was one of the first to accuse Kevin Spacey of attacking young men, and I find it very odd that you don’t hear anything more about her accident — or about the person who hit her,” said Culkin’s cousin Cindy, 60. “It’s like it happened, and now there is nothing!”

But Felix Browne, a spokesperson for the medical examiner’s office, told Radar the cause and manner of Culkin’s death is still under investigation.

Culkin, a nursing assistant with mental problems, began cyberstalking and terrorizing Spacey and his team in 2009 after one of her young male patients told her the details of an alleged attack by the American Beauty actor.