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Senate bill to penalize doctors who refuse patients who aren’t vaccinated

There is a bill being discussed in Texas that would penalize doctors who refuse to treat non-vaccinated patients.

If passed, Senate Bill 2351 would make doctors who refuse service based on vaccination status not eligible for state funding for services provided to patients.

“Some medical professionals refuse to treat patients in their practice based on a patient’s personal decision to refuse a vaccine,” said Senator Bob Hall, who authored the bill.


Opponents of the bill say they want to maintain the right to turn away patients based on immunization status, as patients who don’t vaccinate for non-medical reasons put patients who cannot vaccinate for legitimate medical reasons at risk.

ARC Pediatric Doctor Mai Duong testified against SB 2351 on Tuesday, and says on Monday, more than 30 of her 150 patients were too young to be vaccinated.

“Children who are medically vulnerable are the ones that are going to end up with severe complications, and it could be devastating,” Duong said.

Those in favor of the bill believe that all children should have equal access to healthcare and passing legislature such as 2351 eliminates options for families who choose not to vaccinate.

No decision was made after Tuesday’s Senate Committee meeting and is pending at this time.

This article first appeared at Health Nut News.