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Airline passenger pissed because Jet Blue used a face scan and not her ticket or passport to board the plane…

A conversation between a passenger and an airline has gone viral, largely because people find it intensely creepy.

MacKenzie Fegan went to the airport last week. As with normal flights, she was expecting at some point to present her boarding card in order to get on her plane. However, she found all she had to do was look at a camera, and at no point was asked for her pass.

As convenient as that sounds, she had questions, which she put to the airline, JetBlue, in a now-viral thread.

Fegan had several pressing follow-up questions, such as “how” and “who exactly has my face on record?”.

“Presumably these facial recognition scanners are matching my image to something in order to verify my identity,” she wrote. “How does JetBlue know what I look like?”