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The Height Of Absurdity: Supermarket Pulls Allegedly Racist Easter Candy

A British supermarket is apologizing for selling racist Easter Candy. To elaborate, Waitrose is removing white, milk chocolate and dark chocolate ducklings from its shelves.

In fact, the ducklings with the names Fluffy, Crispy, and Ugly, reportedly offends a few customers, Metro UK claims. In detail, they make Fluffy of white chocolate, Crispy of milk chocolate, and Ugly of dark chocolate.

To clarify, some Waitrose customers believe calling the dark chocolate duckling ugly is racist. To elaborate, the thinking is labeling dark Ugly promotes bigotry against non-white people.

Even Easter Chocolate Is Now Racist

Waitrose is pulling the ducklings from its stores after critical tweets. Moreover, the supermarket chain is apologizing for selling racist chocolate.

For instance, one customer allegedly tweets, “Ugly is the dark one on the right this is not right. I agree, doesn’t look good at all.” In response, White is relabeling the three ducklings.

However, Fluffy, Crispy, and Ugly are reportedly back on Waitrose’s shelves, Metro UK reveals. To elaborate, the ducklings are in new packaging that does not contain the offensive wording.

Why Are Chocolate Ducklings Racist?

Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Ugly Duckling is reportedly the inspiration for the trio of chocolate birds.