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No More Mondays. Colorado School District Moves to 4 Day Weeks

Say it isn’t so! A number of school districts have begun switching to a four day school week. While some children dream of snow days and holidays to shorten their school weeks, thousands of students can now celebrate having one less day of school each week.

Hundreds of school districts across the country have adopted a four day school week in hopes of preserving funds while also attracting teachers to the area. It’s estimated that approximately 560 districts within 25 states are allowing a Monday through Thursday week. (1)

While funding and enticing quality teachers to districts are among the intentions of change, making a four day school week work isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Districts Jumping On-Board For Short School Weeks

Colorado Brighton-based School District 27J is among the 560 districts to switch their school weeks from five to four days. Superintendent Chris Fiedler believes the shortened week will serve as enticing quality teachers while granting resources to items more critical to the districts principal purpose.

With the changeover, the Colorado district hopes to save around $1 million. With hopes of not having to pay substitute teachers, along with running school buses one less day each week, the district believes it can save around $70,000.

“We’re confident it’s going to attract teachers and keep them,” Fiedler said. “I haven’t had teachers say that this is a horrible idea.” (2)

In addition to funds and integrating quality teachers, the Colorado district suggests the four day week holds other benefits as well. The change will allow for support and time for teachers to reorganize, develop, and prep materials for lessons.