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Reports Are Coming Into Me, From All Over The World With People Encountering Supernatural Physical Evil Creatures…

As I shortly explained earlier, I support a few Christian ministries in the Amazon Jungle of Brasil and Colombia.

Over a decade ago I purchased a piece of land on the Amazon river about 25 min up the river from the Colombia city of Leticia and Tabatinga, Brazil. One of the ministries I support does some water well excavation for some of the native groups along the river. Due to the intersection of countries in this region, it is very easy to step in three different nations as you travel.

Even though, a native caretaker of my property, Don Alberto, had mentioned to me, several years ago of the observance of a very small little creatures, no tallest than eighteen inches with strange color of skin and unusual face features. I did not pay much attention then. In fact, he also mentions the observance of human type creatures whom transformed themselves into animals. I did not believe him either, but I was always intrigued because this man is a very simple, honest, no Bravo Sierra, type of guy.

The second time I heard about the little creatures was back in 2004 when I was traveling with couple missionaries. The pastor who guided us, was a native, Brazilian nationalist , who was taking as to a community of Ticunas in the Brazilian side, about 1 hour down the city of Tabatinga. He spoke in a very credible way about the presence of this small creatures. He was seriously concern about the increasing appearances of these beings and the relationship to witchcraft intensification within the native population. He mentioned also of a group called the cruzeros , a very antagonistic group against the Christian in the area who had develop burning satanic rituals to intimidate the natives of the region. This jungle Christian native warrior opened my eyes to the empirical reality of the spiritual warfare.