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‘Moms’: Maryland gun control hasn’t worked. Maryland needs more gun control

The group Moms Demand Action is demanding state lawmakers take steps to strengthen Maryland’s gun laws.

The gun violence prevention advocacy group was definitely seen and heard Thursday around the State House.

Hundreds of mothers visited the offices of state lawmakers. Andrea Chamblee, the widow of John McNamara, who was killed during the attack on the Capital Gazette newsroom, brought advocates to tears, providing intimate details on the impact of her husband’s killing.

“I want you to be able to kiss your family members goodbye knowing that you will see them again. I want your children to practice art, music and math, instead of practicing active-shooter drills. I want us to take gun safety for granted. Let’s make sure our legislators want that, too,” Chamblee said.

The group is supporting a bill that would outlaw “ghost guns,” or guns that have 80 percent of their parts legally purchased online and the remaining 20 percent purchased at a gun shop.

“They don’t have serial numbers, they are not traceable, there’s no background check when you are purchasing a ghost gun,” said Delegate Kathleen Dumais, D-Montgomery County.