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Anonymous donor gives $62,500 to ensure that Las Vegas shooter’s guns are destroyed

A San Francisco software executive has donated more than $62,000 to try to ensure that the cache of firearms that was owned by the gunman in the Las Vegas massacre will be destroyed.

In the aftermath of the 2017 shooting, loved ones of the 58 people who lost their lives in the rampage faced a difficult choice over what to do with the 50 guns and accessories that were owned by the gunman, Stephen Paddock. They could possibly sell the weapons to raise money or have the guns destroyed in a symbolic renunciation of violence.

Now the families don’t have to worry about making that decision — the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has stepped in to cover the funds. His only condition is that the guns are destroyed.

The collection of firearms and equipment was valued at $62,340 in a recent inventory of Mr. Paddock’s nearly $1.4 million estate by a court-appointed special administrator. As Mr. Paddock died without a will, his mother, under Nevada law, became the heir to his assets, which she agreed to give to the families of the dead victims last March.