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9/11 Conspiracy Content Completely Censored on YouTube

As of today, YouTube is pulling the veil of censorship over countless hours of research and information hosted on their platform. Go to YouTube and type in “9/11” and scroll. Keep scrolling. Scroll forever. You will never again find a 9/11 truth video in the search results, in the suggested video bar, anywhere.

All conspiracy content is essentially unlisted on the platform now. The only way to find this content now is to already have the link.

YouTube has officially censored conspiracy content, and interestingly decided to focus their PR-campaign on 9/11 truthers and flat-earthers. Who is to say how far reaching this censorship algorithm truly is, but these are the talking points they are hiding behind:

I propose that we pull together a list of some of the most important 9/11 content on YouTube so that at least those coming to this subreddit can find links to that content.

This blurb first appeared at Reddit.