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City of Milwaukee wrote $168,000 worth of parking tickets in weekend snowstorm

The newest number out show thousands of drivers ended up with parking tickets after the latest snow storm in Milwaukee. The city cashed in by writing $168,000 worth of tickets to people who ignored the alternate side parking rules.

Those rules were in effect for just 14 hours during Saturday night and Sunday morning and again Sunday night to Monday morning. It means workers were writing 300 tickets an hour during that time period.

Riverwest resident Michael Lerret he feels lucky to have missed out on a ticket. He said he tries to follow the rules but there are not always a lot of options.

“When I get home at night I get home late and I kind of have to pick where I park. So it’s kind of maybe you do, maybe you don’t,” said Michael Lerret. “Sometimes there is no where else to park.”

Drivers all the mounds of snow plus the parked in cars makes it a little dangerous.