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Over 100 Shopko stores closing nationwide due to bankruptcy

Another Wisconsin-based retailer is struggling to stay open. Shopko announced it filed for bankruptcy and will be closing 105 stores nationwide.

Sixteen stores are closing in Wisconsin, three in Southeast Wisconsin: West Bend, Grafton and Sussex. Closing signs are posted at the stores set to close.

The Sussex and Grafton stores will close on April 8, and the West Bend location closes on April 15.

“I was surprised,” said Linda Luft of Fredonia. “It’s well-liked. The store is well-liked and people seem to come here a lot and enjoy the deals when they had them.”

Customers at the Grafton store said they do most of their shopping there.

“Everything. Right now I’m gonna do some house things,” said Vivian Laabs, Cedarburg.

Sari Lesk with the Milwaukee Business Journal said Shopko reported similar concerns as other struggling retailers.

“That their physical footprint of brick and mortar stores has posed a problem in terms of how much real estate their dealing with,” said Sari Lesk.