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Massive lines at New York City airport amid worries about government shutdown, TSA callouts

Hundreds of frustrated travelers were stuck on snaking lines inside the Delta Airlines terminal at LaGuardia Airport in New York City Sunday afternoon, as a handful of airport employees tried to keep calm amid increased callouts by TSA agents during the government shutdown.

The massive lines at the airport happened as the partial government shutdown entered its third week and callouts by agents with the Transportation Security Administration ticked up, according to statistics from the agency.

Passengers seemed to be feeling the effects on Sunday, as airport employees who showed up tried to manage the endless lines.

“Please, everyone, have patience with the officers who came to work,” a Delta Airlines employee pleaded with travelers surrounding her. “Please.”

The airline declined to comment about the delays and the possible effects the government shutdown may be having on travel.

Other passengers said the delays at LaGuardia, which is under a massive rebuilding construction project already, reached a new low.

“I’ve never seen the line in LaGuardia that bad,” said John, a frequent business traveler who asked that his last name not be used. “And I probably take the shuttle 40 to 50 times each year, 25 round trips.”