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Hospitals systematically populate a global DNA database

Theory: so I’m mid 30’s and just had a kid. In the hospital there were consent forms to sign that we didn’t read fully given the circumstances, and I suspect no parent reads. I remember finding the need for paperwork at that moment odd, and would have dismissed it entirely. But within an hour or so my son was taken away and unsupervised (by us) for maybe 5-10 minutes for some testing to make sure he was healthy. We didn’t think anything of it. But what if the World Health Organization forces hospitals to collect DNA samples and biometrics from every new child for a global DNA marker database.

Think about it, whether we consent to it or not, whoever is ultimately pulling the strings amongst the elites would probably find the data valuable. I’m sure it’s been collected for decades. Every developed hospital around the world, contributing to the largest human database ever collected. From it a police state could eradicate most criminal activity through better technology. Handheld fingerprinters, biometric scanners, facial recognition cameras, etc. US troops do this to military-aged males crossing the Afghanistan-Pakistan border (8 year vet btw). In 2019 it would be very hard not to walk in front of a camera. How long could you live a “normal” life without going through a store, drive under a highway toll, or look at your iPhone? It feels a little strange to leave a daily bread crumb trail. Most people can be found at anytime. Probably with the WHO’s database :)

As a new dad I just wonder if true privacy will ever exist again.

This blurb first appeared at Reddit.