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Are smartphone one of the worst things to happen to society?

Remember when you went about your daily life not as a slave to your phone? Internet in your pocket has made people addicted to information, addicted to politics, bigger narcissists, and has made you waste maybe hundreds of precious hours looking at bullshit. I’m guilty of all four of those things this very moment!

To pay for this privilege, you often get on an endless phone payment plan to finance a piece of equipment that will last you two years. When that phone becomes slow and obsolete you plop down the equivalent money or financing of a new midrange refrigerator or washing machine/dryer to rent a new phone for a couple years. To operate the phone, you pay upwards to a couple hundred dollars a month depending on how many people in your family. You have two internets you are paying for, one in your home and one in your pocket.

Think about how much money and time has been wasted on this all. Imagine what you spend on communications, information, and entertainment in a decade……how much you could have saved for retirement or used for more useful pursuits. Do you think there will ever be a backlash to technology and a return to the old days? Or at least a backlash to internet and happiness with just an old school cell phone that lets you call and text people?

This blurb first appeared at Reddit.