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The 5 Best-Selling Semi-Automatic Rifles in 2018

Modern sporting rifles — semi-automatic long guns based on the AR-15 design — are an extremely popular rifle among gun owners, but there are plenty of other semi-automatic rifles on the market that are in high demand with gun buyers.

To see which rifles people are buying these days, I turned to, the world’s largest online auction site for firearms and accessories, which every month publishes the five best-selling firearms on its Gun Genius Opens a New Window. site.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t give details on units sold or even dollar amounts, but rather lists the best-sellers in order of popularity. So I compiled all of the monthly lists from 2018 (through November) and tallied the results based on a rough scoring system. There were 11 different models from six separate manufacturers that made the overall list, and these are the top five in reverse order.

5. Kel-Tec RDB

One thing that excites gun enthusiasts about the Kel-Tec RDB is its ability to eject spent rounds downward rather than out the side port. Other things that make this yet another hard-to-find rifle from Kel-Tec are the fact that it uses the AR platform 5.56 round, can be used ambidextrously, and has an ease and simplicity of use. Plus, the bullpup design places the action and the magazine well behind the trigger. RDB, in fact, stands for rifle/downward ejecting/bullpup. The firearm was released to critical acclaim, and even at around $1,500, it is difficult to find.

4. Ruger AR-556

Sturm, Ruger (NYSE: RGR) and Kel-Tec dominated the list this year, each having three different rifles vying for the top five. The Ruger AR-556 naturally made the list. It has been a big part of the gunmaker’s arsenal since it was introduced in 2014, and has consistently been one of its best-sellers. That’s probably because it’s a basic, no-frills AR that forgoes a lot of accouterments that give ARs their signature look, while it pays attention to the parts that matter. At around $800, it’s easy to see why this is a modern sporting rifle Opens a New Window. for every enthusiast.

3. Kel-Tec Sub-2000

The second Kel-Tec rifle on the list, the pistol-caliber Sub-2000 carbine, easily accepts most handgun magazines while also folding for easy storage, making it perfect for those taking a rifle while backpacking. Because it comes chambered in either 9 mm or .40-caliber, it is easy to pair with a similarly chambered handgun, allowing them to share magazines. In the latest version, rails were added to allow for the mounting of accessories such as lights or optics, and the barrel was threaded to add a sound suppressor. As with virtually all Kel-Tecs, the rifle is praised for its accuracy and durability, which at around $500 makes it a worthwhile addition to one’s collection.